The Client:

The world’s largest wholesale used vehicle auction company

The Issue:

Develop strategies and key initiatives to reinvigorate the Company’s business with used car franchise dealers, independent dealers, and wholesalers.

The Approach:

Interviewed corporate and local auction management to discuss dealer sales dynamics, auction dynamics, business issues, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Selected and assessed 9 representative auction markets to identify issues and best practices in developing dealer business.

Interviewed 120+ franchise dealers, independent dealers, and wholesalers to understand their used car sales behavior (Company vs. other auctions vs. other channels), motivators and barriers to selling through the Company vs. other options, perceptions of the Company, and experiences with the Company’s services.

Interviewed industry experts to glean their perceptions of issues.

Assessed the competitive set, including strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities: Company, other auctions, other traditional and non-traditional sales channels.

Identified best practices within and outside Company to push the dealer business forward.

Presented findings, conclusions, and implications to Company management in an oral presentation, accompanied by a written report.

Developed strategies and key initiatives with Company Management in a 1 day Creative Action Planning Session.

Participated in and facilitated monthly follow-up sessions to monitor progress and contribute to ongoing solutions.

The Result:

Company adopted recommendations and has achieved double digit revenue growth from automotive dealers for the past five years.