The Client:

A leading international marketer and manufacturer of financial software

The Issue:

Develop a market strategy to address the small office / home office (SOHO) market, including market segmentation, sizing, product, and pricing strategies.

The Approach:

Interviewed corporate, divisional, product, and marketing management at multiple levels to gain internal view of the market, the business and its issues.

Assessed market, customer, and competitive trends, based on primary and secondary research, review of competitive offerings and documentation, industry expert interviews, etc.

Conducted analyses of existing databases to determine potential customer segments based on behavioral and “demographic” data.

Estimated size of customer segments (number of enterprises, dollars spent on related financial services.)

Identified “sweet spots” in terms of customer targeting.

Identified preliminary product concepts for further development and exploration by segment.

The Result:

Concepts developed, tested, refined, and launched into a $100 MM+ business.