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The Winthrop Group
The Winthrop Group

What Our Clients Say


“The Winthrop Group has been a key partner for Coach in growing our business over the past two decades. They have provided sharp insight into our target consumers, our competition, and our business, and have helped us reposition our brand and extend into new product categories. In all of this, they have combined strong intellectual capabilities with hands-on experience and deep industry expertise to ensure impactful results for our business.”

Lew Frankfort

Chief Executive Officer

Coach, Inc.


“The Winthrop Group quickly grasped the key aspects of our market, helped us shape the strategy, identified the steps to execute that strategy, and then helped coach us as we implemented the tactical plans to achieve our objective. We had access to our team at all times and they helped us think creatively and solve problems in a timely manner. Great people…great outcome!”

James Hummer

Chief Executive Officer

Whole Health Management, Inc.


“The Winthrop Group partnered with me to develop a business plan for a new service, an inventory optimization system for used vehicle dealers. I needed a consulting firm that understood my company, my business, and my customers, and that had real expertise in sales, marketing, operations and business planning. Winthrop fit all of those requirements to a “T.” They developed a thorough, detailed, insightful roadmap that helped us build a product that met and exceeded the needs of our customers, that fit our company’s unique culture, and that pointed the way to increased revenue and profits.”

Hal Logan

Senior Vice President

Manheim Automotive


“The individuals who make up Winthrop Group provide the type of personal service which assures they hit the mark in their research, analysis, and recommendations.”

Dean Eisner

Chief Executive Officer

Manheim Automotive


“Laura Petrucci and The Winthrop Group clearly understand and appreciate brands and the dynamics for successful growth. Their approach is practical, action-oriented, and provides immediate added value.”

Laurence Franklin

Chief Executive Officer

Tumi, Inc.


“We worked with The Winthrop Group to reposition our brand and take our business to the next level. Their team, which includes experienced merchants and marketers, helped us gain deep insight into our target consumer segments and competitors.

We then collaborated on developing a new brand positioning and translating it into merchandise, pricing, marketing, service, and organizational strategies and execution across our channels of distribution: traditional retail, online, and catalog. Our excellent business results are a direct reflection of Winthrop's impact.”


Linda LoRe

Chief Executive Officer

Frederick's of Hollywood


"The Winthrop Group worked closely with us to develop and launch AutoTrader.com.  In addition to collaborating with us on the business positioning and strategy, they provided a team of eight senior experts in marketing, sales, and product development who worked with us day-to-day to launch the business in just a few months.  Not only was their work insightful and practical, it resulted in what has become the largest Internet used-vehicle automotive site in the world.  To say they played a big role in the success of AutoTrader.com would be an understatement, because their work was totally instrumental in enabling us to get off on the right course." 


Chip Perry




“The Winthrop Group has a common sense, practical approach to business. They have a deep understanding of the various retail channels, how they function, and the role they play in consumer decision-making. The firm has a long history in the retail industry, but with consulting, marketing, and merchandising discipline.”

Chief Executive Officer

$2 Billion Specialty Apparel Retailer


“When I have a very difficult strategic or marketing issue, the Winthrop Group is my first choice. There is no better firm as they are fast, efficient and most important, very strategic.”

Eric Naiman

Director of Business Intelligence





“The Winthrop Group consists of very smart people who combine strong intellectual capabilities with real-world knowledge andexcellent commercial instincts. It's a "principals-only" consultancy...no junior people on the case. They quickly become part of the team and drive for results. They have helped us solve some important brand postioning issues, and those solutions have translated to significant wins in the marketplace.”


$7 Billion

Consumer Goods Company


“We have worked with The Winthrop Group extensively to revamp the practices and design of our Ad Salesorganization. They have worked with us across all aspects of the Sales function: strategy, territory design, skills assessment, compensation, planning and quota development, salesforce automation, training, organizational design and job definition. Their experienced people, who are senior sales executives, understand what it takes to establish and operate a world-class sales operation in today's changing media landscape.”

John Mellott

Chief Executive Officer and Publisher

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


“The Winthrop Group took the time to thoroughly understand our culture and business model, and therefore was able to properly address the goals of our project. They provided a small, hands-on team that was willing to appropriately challenge our ideas and was able to keep the project goals focused. They were easy to work with and had strong industry knowledge of the luxury sector.”

President Retail

$6 Billion Luxury Goods
Retailer and Manufacturer


“There are three things that differentiate the Winthrop Group. One: long term relationships. At our company, we talk about being long term thinkers and valuing long term partners. The Winthrop Group walks that walk. Of all the professional service firms that I’ve worked with over the years, few have had both the constant principals that the Winthrop Group has, and have maintained relationships over a decade. Two: really understanding our business. We are in a very obscure industry, and most outsiders pretend to understand the business but don’t. The Winthrop Group gets it. Three: telling us what we don’t want to hear. You tell us what you think we need to hear, whether we want to hear it or not.”

Vice President Product Development

$4 Billion Business-to-Business

Services Firm


“The Winthrop Group has been with us from the start. They have a passion for our business. We always have access to the top people in the organization, and they are always in touch with us on projects on which they are working.”


$1 Billion Multi-Platform

Media Brand


“I have worked with the Winthrop group on a variety of projects in several companies, and have always found that the quality of the strategic work equals or surpasses that of the large consulting firms. But what really sets them apart is the attention you receive as a client, and their ability to make actionable recommendations that take into account the realities of your organization. This results in their work actually being used and getting results, rather than just sitting in a binder on a shelf in someone’s office.”

Alan Krantzler

Vice President
Product Management

Tumi Inc.


"The Winthrop Group has worked with me at several different retail and consumer products companies, all in different states of growth and health. One company was experiencing stalled growth, and turned to the Winthrop Group to uncover new revenue paths which included launching new product categories and delivering an improved retail customer experience.

Another company was in the midst of a Chapter 11 reorganization, and asked the Winthrop team to craft and implement a turn-around plan based on their strong understanding of the core customer, the competition, and the internal business situation. In each case, the results were outstanding and the Winthrop professionals were top-notch: smart, knowledgeable, experienced, and hands-on."

Gerald M. Chaney

Former Chief Financial Officer

Polo Ralph Lauren, Inc.


“The Winthrop Group really helped us better understand our retail sales challenges and offered practical insights and ideas on how to improve our results.  By performing fact finding and analysis on their own, they didn’t create “second jobs” for our people and were still able to provide a project with a high return on our investment.” 


Vince Casanova
Senior Vice President
Tribune Corporation